A Kite Called KORIKA

This story is set in a village in Andhra Pradesh. The monsoon has failed in Yellaiah's village and everything is dry and dusty. One day, he is sitting under a gnarled old peepal tree and an old woman named Rajamma who sells overripe fruits when he looks up at the sky and sees something like a dot. He keeps looking and finds it is a kite that's descending downward and it falls right beside him. Excitedly he picks it up.  Rajamma looks at the patterns on the kite and tells him it is a wish-fulfilling kite. Soon, all his friends are making wishes - for bangles, a school bag, a full meal...this moving story about dreams and fears is matched by tender pictures that explore the innocence and vulnerability of children.

Age :6+ years
Book details :24 pages, 11" x 8.25", full color,soft cover
Available in: English

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A Kite Called KORIKA

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