Brahma's Butterfly

With great imagination, Brahma the creator has fashioned all things on earth, even the greedy caterpillar. But when it chomps its way through his colourful garden Brahma gets very angry. But then, it was Brahma himself who gave the caterpillar its huge hunger, so what can the caterpillar do? Now, what will Brahma do?

Brahma's Butterfly is an amusing, affectionately rendered story of what happens when the creator makes a small but big mistake! The bright and lively pictures offer a unique perspective to the story.

Age: 4+
Book details: 24 pages, 8" x 10.5", full color, soft cover
Available in: English, Hindi, Tamil

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  • Item #: 978-81-8146-413-2

Brahma's Butterfly

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