Gitti's Story: EARTH
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About the series

The five books in the series are perfect for a child's first look science, because they were born as pictures. In a classroom project with Srishti, Bengaluru, design students were asked to visualize five sets of scientific facts on different topics. And they did - through the fantasy adventures of Bhoomi, Dhooli, Gitti and Beeji, which draw young children into science and introduce basic concepts about the world we live in. The stunning pictures convey the beauty, vastness a mystery of nature, enriching the storytelling experience. At the end of each book is a summing up of science facts related to the stories.

Gitti's Story: EARTH

Gitti the rock is very old. After a long, long journey that started from the boiling hot centre of the earth, he now sits quietly on a mountain, watching the sun rise and set. What is his story?

Age: 6+
Book details: 28 pages, 7" x 8.5", full color, soft cover
Available in: English

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Gitti's Story EARTH

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