Mara and the Clay Cows
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Mara, the boy with unique powers, rescues the special Chanva bird, and is set on the trail of the holder of a thousand spells, the elusive Chief Magician. When Mara journeys to the sky kingdom of the North, with his cheeky talking cows and his fearless new friend, Shiroi, everything is put to the test – from his fear of flying to his cooking skills! As the young magician goes from adventure to misadventure, carrying out dangerous tasks and meeting strange challenges, he discovers that learning to smoke meat is just as useful as knowing how to cast a spell. Otherworldly hills and valleys, a quiet but strong presence throughout, are brought to life by striking coloured pencil art.

The classic quest narrative gets a new spin! A gripping graphic novel where magic meets mystery, inspired by a Tangkhul Naga folktale. 

Age: 8+
Book details: 76 pages, 8.5"x7.5", soft cover
Available in: English

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  • Item #: 978-93-5046-657-5

Mara and the Clay Cows

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