Mathematwist: Number Stories From Around The World

What could Caesar's general have in common with multiplication and weights? Or a Russian waiter with factorials? Or a temple in Hanoi with transposition? A Chinese emperor with Benjamin Franklin and Albrecht Duerer?

This book is a collection of stories from different countries. Each story sets the brain ticking, encouraging problem-solving skills, with a high quotient of fun! And each is followed by a simple explanation of the maths behind the 'magic', that dispels the esoteric haze from the subject and makes it accessible.

A fascinating collection about mathematics and the world, from a country that has been prominent on the number map from ancient times.

Reviews: "A fun filled lifeline for those children who think they are drowning in Math." -Livemint, February 2008

Age: 10+
Book details: 96 pages, 8.5" x 7.5", full colour, soft cover
Available in: English

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Mathematwist: Number Stories From Around The World

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