Pintoo and the Giant

Pintoo walks home from school one evening, all alone. He is not afraid until the sun begins to set rapidly. Suddenly, he feels himself being lifted up. . .up, up. . . by a giant! Pintoo shudders when he looks into his face. Now, what?

Pintoo and the Giant does a spin on a common fairytale figure and effortlessly captures the spirit of a little boy's vivid imagination and curious nature. Ashwin's warm water colour tones bring to life the perky Pintoo and the gigantic giant, with humour and heart.

Age: 4+
Book details: 24 pages, 9.5" x 8.5", full colour, soft cover
Available in: English

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  • Item #: 978-81-8146-907-6

Pintoo and the Giant

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