Race of the Rivers
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Ka Iew and Ka Ngot love to play on the hilltop. One day, the adventurous Ka Iew looks at the sun shining down on the distant, sun-drenched plains and challenges her quiet sister to a race. In a flash, Ka Iew becomes a river, ready to rush downhill, and Ka Ngot has no choice but to join her… Who will reach first?

This well known Khasi folktale is brought to life by a writer and an artist, both intimately connected to and inspired by Meghalaya’s varied, lush landscape. The evocative text delights in detail, while luminous illustrations flow alongside, taking the reader on a mood-filled journey from the hills to the plains.


Age: 5+
Book details: 8.5"x9.5", landscape, full color, soft cover, 28 pages
Available in: English, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali

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  • Item #: 978-93-5046-537-0

Race of the Rivers

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