Rooster Raga
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Do roosters sing ragas? This one does but like all true artistes discovers it after a lot of struggle! Every time he opens his mouth he has a new tune but not the kukaroo-kuroo of the other roosters. His friends skip and stretch, stamp and roll and try to teach him. Try as he might our rooster kuka-moooooos, kuka-heeen haaans, kuka-miaooows but can’t kukaroo-kuroo. This cheery, foot-tapping story invites big and little readers to move and sing, clap and tap along with Priya Kuriyan’s expressive characters.

Age: 3+ years
Book Details: 28 pages, 10" x 8.5", full colour, soft cover
Languages: English, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali

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  • Item #: 978-93-5046-454-0

Rooster Raga

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