The House that Sonabai Built
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As a young woman, Sonabai Rajawar finds herself alone, day after day for almost fifteen year. No family, no friends... And then one day she 'makes' her way out of oppressive loneliness into a world of creativity, beauty and joy. 

This sensitive telling of Sonabai's story follows her transformative artistic journey from the tactile experience of her first creations in clay, innovative experiments with colours and light, and unfettered play with pattern and design to being embraced by the art world. Rich photographs augment the telling, for a fascinating introduction to the life, work and milieu of this quitely strong, self-taught artist. Together, they offer a detailed look at art and the organic growth of her distinctive creative vision. In the process, they also evoke a compelling profile in courage, and the larger story of how Sonabai's art, like all great art, transcends from the personal to the universal. 


Age:  8+
Book details: 32 pages, 8.5" x 9.5", full color, soft cover
Available in: English

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The House that Sonabai Built

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