The Snow King's Daughter

Keshav’s favourite game is to hide in a rolled up mat and pretend he is travelling to all the places he has marked in his atlas. He is delighted when he discovers that his friend, Lobsang, is really from a place that he has marked in his map – Tibet!

The Snow King’s Daughter is a charmingly imagined story that delicately explores the reality of exile and the longing for home. Charm and delicacy resonate in the illustrations as well, giving the story an endearing quality.

Reviews: "Rajendran exploits the childhood sense of wonder at discovering new places and the child's ability to make leaps of imagination to weave a charming tale... The illustrations really carry the book through - drawn with a sense of detail, adding to the emotive layer of the narrative." -The Book Review, November 2009

Age: 6+
Book details: 20 pages, 10" x 8.5", full colour, soft cover
Available in: English

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The Snow King's Daughter

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